Why You Need Professional Teeth Cleanings

Professional teeth cleaning is preventive health care. If you want to avoid tooth decay and need fillings, you need to care for your teeth. That means you visit your dentist twice a year, brush and floss every day, and have teeth professionally cleaned with Drs. Matthew Wessel, Joseph Santoro, or Matthew Cichowski of Grand Dental in Sun City, AZ.

More Information About Professional Teeth Cleanings

Over time a layer of plaque (a sticky, bacteria-rich film) and hard deposits (tartar, or calculus) build up on dental surfaces. It's difficult to remove these deposits with brushing and flossing, so you need to go to your Sun City dentist where they have special tools to clean teeth.

The Professional Cleaning Procedure

  1. A dental hygienist examines teeth to evaluate the health of your mouth.
  2. Next, he/she uses an ultrasonic scaler (curettes) to remove the plaque and calculus. The hand-held ultrasonic scaler has a vibrating tip that breaks up hard deposits by the rapid movement of the tip.
  3. The hygienist uses a constant stream of liquid (lavage) to cool the tip and wash away debris.
  4. Finally, your teeth are polished using a rotary brush and a slightly gritty gel to leave teeth smooth and shiny.

Why do you need to have teeth professionally cleaned?

Bacterial deposits and growth cause tooth decay and gum disease. If this bacterial infestation is untreated, this may lead to inflammation and infection of the gums. This means you may suffer from systemic issues, gum disease, decay, tooth loss, and malnutrition.

If your gums are irritated, are sore, and/or bleed, then you need to visit your dentist.

Would you like to learn more about professional teeth cleaning?

Are you ready to schedule your next dental appointment for a cleaning? Call Drs. Matthew Wessel, Joseph Santoro, or Matthew Cichowski of Grand Dental in Sun City, AZ, by calling (623) 972-2156 to schedule an appointment today!

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