The Importance of Preventive Oral Care

Preventive dentistry can keep the teeth and gums healthy whatever your age. Although preventive oral practices begin at home with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouth wash, an important part of oral care is also visiting your dentist at least twice each year. Drs. Matthew Wessel, Matthew Cichowski, and Joseph Santoro are dentists at Grand Dental n Sun City, AZ, and in addition to teeth cleanings, they offer dental implant services, crowns, bridges, and one visit same-day crowns.

Preventive Oral Care and You

Sun City residents schedule regular appointments with Drs. Wessel, Cichowski, and Santoro so that they don’t miss out on regular in-chair cleanings. You can benefit from a professional dental cleaning in several ways, including:

  • Professional scaling and polishing can remove many stains that cause tooth discoloration, leaving you with a bright, confident smile.
  • Professional cleaning reduces your risk of gum disease and tooth loss
  • While you are having your teeth cleaned, your dentist can also check for the early stages of oral cancer
  • Because in-chair cleaning prevents gum disease, it also reduces your risk of serious illnesses such as stroke and heart attack.
  • The cleaning process makes it easy for your dentist to see early signs of tooth decay or gingivitis.
  • Professional dental cleanings can save you money on dental treatment in the long-term.
  • Regular six-month cleanings can prevent the embarrassment of persistent bad breath.

Remember to keep your regular dental appointment, for doing so can help your dentist compare your oral health to that of the previous visit, allowing any issues to be treated before they get out of hand and affect your dental health.

If you live in or around Sun City and would like to find out more about professional dental cleanings, contact Drs. Wessel, Cichowski, and Santoro today at (623) 972-2156.

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