Why Are Professional Cleanings Important?

Although regular brushing and flossing are obviously important for your oral health, biannual professional teeth cleanings are still a vital preventative measure that keeps your smile in top shape. Here at the Sun City, AZ, office of Drs. Matthew Wessel, Matthew Cichowski, and Joseph Santoro, we offer patients these twice-a-year checkups and dental cleanings to help protect their teeth against diseases like tooth decay—read on to learn more!

Why are Professional Cleanings Important?

A professional teeth cleaning isn't like your everyday oral regimen of brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. While brushing and flossing can eliminate food debris left after eating, a professional cleaning is far more thorough.

For instance, these treatments don't just eliminate the bacteria on tooth surfaces, but also the bacteria under gums and in small spaces between teeth. They also removes food debris and sticky film from those hard-to-reach places in the back of your mouth.

This not only gives you a nice clean smile, but also prevents oral diseases from manifesting. Consequently, if you don't receive these cleanings at our Sun City office, you may allow bacteria to ravish your teeth, wreaking havoc and causing issues that may require more intensive treatments like root canals or dental implants.

More about the Cleaning Procedure

  1. You'll first receive an oral examination using a small mirror so that a hygienist can discover any inflammation around the teeth and gum tissue because of plaque and tartar buildup.

  2. The dentist or hygienist then removes plaque and tartar using a tool called a scaler.

  3. During the dental cleaning, water is run over teeth to eliminate the debris removed and then your doctor or hygienist polishes your teeth.

The procedure is simple and is completed within an hour or less, so in addition to being an important preventative measure, it's also time-effective.

Would you like to speak with a professional?

If you would like more information about professional teeth cleaning, then you should contact Drs. Matthew Wessel, Matthew Cichowski, Joseph Santoro of Sun City, AZ, at 623-972-2156 to learn more!

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